In memory of
Alison Ingham

Alison Was the kindest soul and it is a tragedy that she was taken so early. The Air ambulance gave her the best possible chance and made it possible for my parents and I to say goodbye.

At the young age of 19, Alison had already sorted out donating her organs; so that when she went, other people could live on. She helped people right to the end, so we intend to carry this on in her memory for years to come. Reflective of her caring nature; her tribute will help give people in a similar condition as she was, the best possible chance of recovery and hopefully save a lot of pain.

The Air Ambulance doesn't receive any Government funding and rely entirely on donations made by the general public. Their helicopterREAD MORE> s are literally lifted in the air by the kindness of people like you. 'Our vision is clear. We want children to grow into adults, we want adults to live longer and we want bereavement through trauma to become rare.’

There's nothing that can make up for the pain of losing such a loved person in such a sudden way, especially someone so young. But if we can prevent this pain for just a few people, then at least her brightness will still be shining through. Any people doing fundraisers or events for Alison, we ask to kindly donate through this page.

Created by Sarah Ingham (and family and friends)


Alison Ingham's sycamore tributes


Donated by: Adrian Boole


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Love to you all xx


Donated by: Carrick Travel


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On behalf of Carrick Travel we are deeply sorry to hear about Alison and want to help towards a great cause.


Donated by: Joanne Shemmell


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Donated by all at Park Farm Stables in memory of ‘Millly’s special Friend’ To a wonderful much needed and appreciated charity ❤️


Donated by: Stephanie Smith


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Remembering a beautiful young lady.